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What is title insurance?

Insurance is a contract between the insured and the title company.  Under the terms of the contract the insured agrees to pay a one-time premium and the title company agrees to defend the title or pay losses the insured may suffer if the title is challenged or defective. Title insurance protects you against hidden mistakes.

Why is title insurance so important?

1. It provides a “safety fence” around your property. It is your assurance of safety.
2. Having title insurance can save you money, time, trouble—and even your home!

Who is covered by title insurance?

The lender and the buyer. When you buy property, you are commonly required to buy title insurance. This covers the outstanding balance on the mortgage for the lender, but does not protect you. When acquiring property, it is a good idea to get your own title insurance policy. It will give you peace of mind and maximum protection in case there’s a claim against your home.